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Workers’ Compensation insurance is mandatory in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as it is in the majority of the states. Workers’ Comp pays for a wide range of expenses relating to workplace injuries and illnesses. If an employee suffers an injury, his or her medical bills, wages (often partial), physical therapy, and ongoing care are paid under a Workers’ Comp policy. If a worker is killed on the job, death benefits to his or her dependents will also be provided. For many businesses, Workers’ Compensation insurance can be a significant expense. At the Regan Agency, we work with our clients to help keep premiums in line in a number of ways.

How Workers’ Compensation Premium
Are Determined

Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums are based on several factors: your industry, how many employees you have, the type of work your employees perform, your payroll, and your claims history and how it compares to your overall industry. It’s therefore important that your employees are classified properly. An office employee, for example has fewer exposures to injuries than a factor worker does operating equipment. It’s also critical to improve your risk profile and claims experience through safety programs and loss control.

Driving Down Costs

Our staff will review your Workers’ Compensation policy, your experience modification, which represents either a credit or debit applied to your premium based on how your company performed over a three-year period; worksheets; payroll audits; and loss-sensitive rating adjustments. We will determine if there are any problem areas or employee miscalculations to make sure you are paying the right premium. Our insurance carrier partners will also provide assistance in loss control, safety and accident investigation programs, and implementation of return-to-work programs to help reduce workplace injuries and get employees back to work as soon as possible.

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