Should Your Cemetery Offer Memorialization Options?

November 23, 2020

There are few things in life more stressful than the death of a loved one. While end-of-life services help bring together friends and family members to honor and remember the person they lost, these events are also full of grief and sadness. But within the funeral services and the events surrounding the remembrance of a loved one, there’s an important step that people can take after a funeral ends: memorialization.

Memorialization, whether through cremation or special ceremonies, allows individuals to remember memories and helps preserve those times. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, over 50 percent of all Americans who die choose cremation, and it’s only becoming more popular. While grieving can cause periods of sadness and anxiety, memorialization helps to honor someone’s life and center the emotions of those they leave behind.

However, not all funeral services or cemeteries offer memorialization options. The reasons can vary from organization to organization, but they need to look at the benefits of providing memorialization to the public.

Memorialization Creates a Place to Visit

Memorialization doesn’t just come in the form of cremation and urns. In fact, many families choose to remember someone with a monument of some kind, such as a statue or fountain. Memorials are created for both buried and cremated loved ones and create a place for families and friends to gather or visit alone.

Suppose someone chose cremation, and their remains are in an urn. In that case, families can choose a special place to keep them close, especially during notable times of the year, like a birthday, anniversary, or holiday where everyone comes together with unforgettable memories of their own.

Memorialization Helps People Remember the Positive Times

The death of someone leads to feelings of negativity or loss of interest in everyday life. Instead of focusing on the loss, cemeteries can help families re-center their feelings on positive moments and memories by offering memorialization. As mentioned above, creating a place for people to remember together can lift spirits and provide the support they need.

Cemeteries can offer multiple ways in which families can choose to honor someone and celebrate their life together. These options usually include:

  • Memorial releases, such as lanterns, butterflies, or doves
  • Planting a memorial plant or tree
  • Cremation and urn services, including artistic options
  • Benches, fountains, or small bridges
  • Creating plaques or tiles for families to install elsewhere

These options can help families decide the way they want to remember someone and not box them into one choice. Giving them different ways to memorialize someone provides different paths in which they can grieve and heal together.

Cemetery Insurance

While offering memorialization options to people helps provide more ways to remember someone, it also opens the door to more potential for risks to occur. A tree planted in someone’s honor might lose a branch during a storm and ruin someone else’s grave, or an employee may mishandle an urn and shatter it.

Accidents and mishaps can happen at a moment’s notice, even under the best circumstances. Because of this, cemetery insurance is a necessity, providing peace of mind while families who gather can find peace of their own.

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