Do Today’s Libraries Need Security?

March 25, 2019

It was once worried that libraries would become mausoleums of their former selves with the onslaught of the digital environment taking over. However, libraries have actually changed with the times and reinvented themselves into multifunctional facilities. From movie nights to conference rooms open for workshops and public forums to Wi-Fi connectivity, libraries are full-scale environments meant for everyone to find something they need.

But all that repurposing can come with a price as these positive changes have brought new security problems with them. Library directors and staffers in all types and sizes of libraries are right to be concerned with the myriad of ways security can be compromised at their location. Library security should always be enforced and here are some of the reasons why library security has to change with the times as well.


With the evolution of the country’s laws on marijuana use, both medicinal and recreational, vaping has become a prominent fixture among the public who chooses to smoke, and this includes marijuana. There are some vaping users who choose to smoke marijuana through vaping and try to get away with it inside buildings, such as libraries. Security can be called to warn the patron to stop using their vape pen or they can be removed.

Cybersecurity Attacks

With public access to Wi-Fi, there are a number of immediate issues that pop up. Dark web sites and adult content can land the whole network in a world of trouble for the type of content that can be viewed and shared, but they can also open up the possibility of cybersecurity attacks.

Libraries should consider the latest cybersecurity software to protect all computers from possible infiltration from bad actors and also consider library insurance, which can financially safeguard a library in the event of a financial attack. From ransomware to email scams, libraries that allow public use need to be on the lookout for issues even more than personal users do.

Legal Concealed Weapons

More states and counties in the country are allowing concealed carried weapons to be permitted in public. There are currently about 15 million concealed handgun permits in the United States, a big increase in the last 10 years. This may cause some confusion, anxiety and intimidation.

State laws vary when it comes to what libraries can do about this kind of issue. IT’s important to train security officers and staff to ask those who have a concealed weapon to cover it up if it is exposed in any way. If there are safety concerns that persist then authorities should be called.

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