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Keep your library up-to-date and protected with our comprehensive Library insurance policies.

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We’re The Library Experts

The Regan Agency has specialized in insuring libraries for over 30 years. We are known as “the library insurance experts.”

As times change, libraries constantly adapt to stay focused on their community’s needs. The local library is more than just a place to take out a book or read a magazine anymore. The new model of the local library is a thriving community hub of activities- programs, events, concerts, and fundraisers, to name a few. We understand this, and we can assist with everything from new library construction insurance to ensuring your board and staff are properly covered for their management of the day-to-day operations.

Regan Agency helps libraries stay protected with the right coverage while keeping the budget in mind. We offer a full suite of library insurance products via several well-known library insurance carriers, and we have the experience to help so that you can focus on your community.

There is no substitute for experience! Regan Agency has it.

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