Gravestone & Grounds Maintenance for Cemeteries

May 25, 2020

Gravestones and cemetery grounds are places of remembrance for loved ones who have passed. While a family may adorn a headstone with beautiful flowers and wreaths to commemorate the life of a family member or friend, over time, flowers can wither, and gravestones will need upkeep- creating a need for regular grounds maintenance.

Properly maintaining a gravesite isn’t something that requires a lot of time and effort, but still needs to be done regularly. Doing this will help to keep everyone’s memorial looking the way it originally did. By taking mindful steps and heeding general cleaning tips, a cemetery’s grounds can represent a beautiful resting place and setting for families to come back to and pay homage to someone they cared about.

Headstone Repair and Maintenance

Headstones can fall victim to the effects of weather and freeze cycles that will happen throughout the year. From stains to deterioration, headstones need to be regularly maintained. If a headstone is in good shape, a good cleaning option is to use water and a soft-bristled brush. If this doesn’t do the job, a non-ionic detergent can be used to provide better cleaning.

If the stone has chips or breaks on it, there are modern epoxies available to put the stone back together.

Safety Issues and Landscaping

Regularly scheduled maintenance should already be in place, but for times where traffic is high, such as memorials, it helps to take more steps to keep landscaping and safety a focal point. This is an opportunity to review landscaping maintenance measures and see what areas of your cemetery need to be fixed.

For landscaping, cemeteries should be tending to things like weeds, overgrown bushes, and cleanup from previous events or weather incidents. Cemeteries should be sure to keep an eye on paths and rocks and look for obstructions that not only take away from the beauty of the grounds, but that also present potential liabilities.

By going through the grounds and looking for things like burnt-out light bulbs and doors that don’t lock, you can update the overall safety of your cemetery and also keep guests and gravestones safe.

Another way to keep the integrity of your grounds high while also keeping safety a priority is through cemetery insurance. This kind of coverage can supply the resources needed to cover claims related to slips and falls and provide the funds needed to cover maintenance to grounds and gravestones. Having cemetery insurance will help to provide peace of mind to cemeteries while they continue to create a peaceful place for others to visit.

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