Keeping Your Cemetery Maintained for Memorial Day

May 28, 2018

For cemeteries across the country, military-related holidays, such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day, see a higher volume of guests come in to honor the fallen. With visitors coming in at a higher rate over the holiday weekends it’s extremely important to make sure the entirety of the grounds are well manicured and prepared.

At Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, more than 3 million guests come throughout the year to honor those who have died while serving. At this monumental location presentation is stressed as the utmost important issue, but the same should go for smaller, and even more rural, cemeteries. Here are a handful of things to do to prepare for Memorial Day visitors at your cemetery.

Cleaning Treatments

Consider starting out with an assessment of the cemetery headstones and plots. Cleaning stones should be done in a gentle manner and be done with soft brushes and water. Stay away from abrasive household cleaning supplies like bleach. It’s best to recruit maintenance workers who have previous experience cleaning headstones.

Assess Other Maintenance Issues

Regularly scheduled maintenance should already be in order, but in the event of a holiday, such as Memorial Day, where foot traffic and visibility are at a high, it pays to have another landscaping treatment. This will offer up the opportunity to put the finishing touches on small details and overall health of the cemetery.

Take Precaution with Insurance

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of cemetery maintenance. Operating a cemetery involves skilled and intensive labor, while also having to balance out the emotional support side of the guests visiting to honor family and friends. But there can be even more to be aware of when taking care of a cemetery besides creating a beautiful burial location.

Risks can include everything from slips and falls to property damage as a result of unfortunate weather events. Having a valuable cemetery insurance policy intact will help to guard against possible issues that can arise.

Involve the Community

Memorial Day is a day for community, offering everyone the opportunity to show respect for those who have gone before us all to serve in the military. Opening up a day prior to Memorial Day to the community to come help decorate or clean can be beneficial in showing togetherness. It can also be an opportunity for children to learn the historical side of the holiday by creating learning opportunities through displays and historical lessons.

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