The Best Programs to Add to Your Library for Back-to-School Season

August 28, 2018

The 2018-2019 school year is about to get underway for most school districts or has already begun for some. While summertime is typically the busiest time for local public libraries, the school year still poses an opportunity for students and their parents to visit.

Libraries can do a lot more for students than just offer free WiFi and a spot to study. Keeping kids engaged in learning and reading should be at the top of the list for after school programs in libraries. Here are some program ideas to implement in your library.

Book Clubs

Book clubs don’t have to just be for adults. Libraries can create discussion groups for kids of any age, which means more opportunity to discuss more books. From young adult to Dr. Seuss, having multiple book clubs that cater to various age groups offers variety and something to look forward to once a week. Libraries can have weekly talks that dive deep into the latest post-apocalyptic YA novel for teens or do readings and Q&A’s with elementary students for shorter illustrated books.

After School Movies

Libraries have always been places to encourage imagination by reading books. You can take it a step further by holding afternoon movie sessions for movies based on books. There can be themed days like Harry Potter or baseball or adventure movies and tie in a list of books related to the subject matter so they can check them out.

School Supply Drive

Libraries can encourage their young patrons to bring in donations such as school supplies and books to give to their school or to a local charity. There can even be contests held where the kid(s) who bring in the most supplies gets a gift card. Or you can make it more communal by hitting a certain mark, like filling up a box.

Story Time

A tried and true program for students after school, libraries can hold a story time session every day. Each day can offer a reading for a different age group or different theme. Plus, with the advent of social media and live streaming, libraries can hold virtual story times and discussions by putting it online.

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