Tips for Cemetery Preservation

August 30, 2021

Having a good cemetery insurance policy is one way to protect your financial investment in your cemetery business. Keeping older markers and landscaping in good condition as they age is also crucial. Doing so not only ensures that your current clients maintain a high level of satisfaction with your services, but also plays a role in attracting new customers. Here are five tips for cemetery preservation.

1. Obtain Permits

Individual states are in charge of regulating cemeteries. As the owner of the property, you have the legal right to make changes related to its upkeep. However, federal laws exist that protect the dignity of human remains and the rights of Native Americans. Certain environmental regulations also apply when bodies of water or protected species are present. Thus, you should check on the legality of any projects that involve disrupting soil or removing natural features.

2. Publicize Your Intentions

Rather than allowing the public to guess what you are doing, make a point of informing them. This proactive step will allow you to avoid any misinterpretations of your intentions when people notice increased activity or changes occurring at the cemetery. Consider the following strategies:

  • Create social media posts of graves that need restoration
  • Ask the local newspaper to write a story
  • Discuss the benefits of cemetery preservation with elected officials

3. Create a Friends Group

A friends group is an organization of volunteers associated with parks, libraries, and other public facilities. By establishing a similar volunteer network for your cemetery, you invite input from individuals personally invested in your establishment’s future. Volunteers are often willing to work for the satisfaction of doing good rather than for monetary compensation, allowing you to use funds to pay for pressing needs such as cemetery insurance and supplies.

4. Survey the Grounds

Once you have trained your volunteers, instruct them to conduct a survey of existing conditions. The first priority is to map the layout of the property. Once you have established clear boundary lines, volunteers can document the locations and conditions of the following features:

  • Entryways and gates
  • Fences
  • Buildings
  • Sidewalks and trails
  • Natural and constructed aquatic areas
  • Historic or otherwise significant markers and plots

5. Secure Funding

Create a budget for your restoration projects. Once you have a clear picture of how much money you will need, solicit funding from potential sources such as the following:

  • Families of those buried in the cemetery
  • Philanthropic members of the community
  • Environmental conservation organizations
  • Historical preservation societies
  • Local government agencies

Cemetery preservation should be a priority for anyone who wants their business to persist rather than slowly deteriorate. By organizing your strategy into the five steps above, you will set your cemetery up for success in the future.

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