What is the Future of Libraries?

June 28, 2021

Has your library started to research current trends so you can draw in more patrons and adapt to the changing literacy landscape? You may already have Library Insurance to protect yourself, but understanding the future of libraries can help you ensure that your library remains successful and useful to your community in the years to come. Today, many libraries have incorporated high-tech tools, shifted their data policies, and more. Here’s what you need to know about the biggest library trends that may continue to boom shortly.

Several Key Services May Become Automated or Supplemented With AI

One of the biggest recent library trends involves the automation of numerous library services. While not all libraries are replacing certain jobs with automation, many libraries are at least choosing to supplement current services with artificial intelligence. Some high-end forms of technology that you may come across in many libraries today include the following.

  • Automated self-checkout or automated book drop-off
  • Automated cataloging and filing of current book inventory
  • Storytime for kids supported by virtual reality technology
  • Interactive simulations or educational games on the public computers
  • Entryway robots to answer basic search questions and greet patrons

Libraries May Begin To Focus on Sustainable Practices

Beyond new tech practices, libraries are likely to continue to foster a greater focus on sustainable practices in the future. Library sustainability provides a role model for the community and can help protect the environment for the future. Your library can adopt a more sustainable model by:

  • Offering customers electric vehicle charging spots in the parking lot
  • Starting a community garden in the area around the library
  • Using eco-friendly lawn care products and in-house learning products
  • Powering the library’s electricity with solar panels

Electronic Services and Data Concerns May Require New Insurance

Due to the incorporation of high-end technology into many modern library services, electronic and data issues have become more of a concern than in the past. In some cases, your library may even need new types of insurance coverage to help prevent and mitigate potentially costly lawsuits. This is because new technology, such as automating data storage, may leave your library more vulnerable than before to various types of cybercrime. If you’re considering getting extra insurance, look for coverage for:

  • Digital privacy violations
  • Cyber liability issues
  • Catalog and database security
  • Patron data

To help your library move with the times and continue attracting patrons for years to come, it’s important to understand the latest library trends. If you already have Library Insurance but want to help your library keep up with new technology, data concerns, and more, make sure to carefully review these points. They could help you update your library for a brighter future.

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