The Necessary Insurance Coverages for Libraries

March 9, 2022

Libraries are one of the most important institutions to any society. In addition to the wealth of knowledge contained in the pages of each book, libraries are a hub for many community events and activities. You might not think of a library as a hotspot for liabilities, but indeed, library insurance is a necessity that shouldn’t be overlooked. This prompts the question, what is the importance of insurance to libraries, and are library books insured? The answers depend on what kind of library you manage and what kind of insurance policy you opt for. Read on to see why library insurance is a must-have for any public or private library.


Every library insurance policy is different, but most will include coverage for the book collections contained in the building. This is important, given the fact that libraries typically pay full price — or more — for the books they lend out to patrons. A library may have thousands of books, which means that its collections could be worth millions of dollars. Needless to say, assets of this magnitude should be protected, which is why books are commonly covered in a library insurance policy.

Property Damage

Books aren’t the only library property that can be lost, damaged, or destroyed. Physical property such as furniture, shelving, and computers are all susceptible to damage, too. It’s vital that a library insurance policy include these elements in its protection. Damages can occur as a result of wear and tear, intentional destruction, or incidents like a fire or flood. In any of these cases, your insurance policy should cover the costs of repair or replacement for whatever property is damaged.

Bodily Harm

Fights don’t typically break out in libraries, but accidents do happen, and people can be injured even in the safest of environments. Though it may not seem like a major liability, a library insurance policy should always include coverage for bodily harm. If a person is injured in your library, you could be held legally liable. If the patron initiates litigation, the expenses will add up quickly, even if your library is ultimately not found responsible for the injury. Protect yourself against such claims by including bodily harm in your coverage.

Cyber Liability

Cyber attacks are on the rise and online criminals are always hunting for their next victim’s sensitive information. A library might not seem like an obvious target, but libraries do maintain records for all members that contain their full name, address, phone number, and other identifying information. If these details fell into the wrong hands, they could easily be exploited. It’s essential for a library to invest in coverage against cases of cyber liability.

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